Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Establishment NEVER Quits (or helps)

Do you trust these two? Like most folks I trust them to be themselves. Our Congressional leaders while useful, are not our friends. If I had to guess I'd say they view themselves much the same as British Tories, better administrators and smarter, more realistic policy makers than their Democratic counterparts. But ideologically, regardless of what they tell us (and themselves) they're not that much different from Harry Reid. They are the super ego to the liberal id, the "conservative" reason to the progressive passion. As evidence I present Ryan-Care.

Tell me, why has Obamacare failed? Well for many reasons but certainly not last on the list are the policy requirements. There were ten or twelve mandates that drove up the price of these ridiculous pieces of outhouse accutrements that made no sense whatsoever, unless of course your place of bidnez is the 1500 block of K Street. Maternity coverage for 60 year old women is my personal favorite.

But there's more. The folks who signed up were mostly the sick and elderly. Young folks hated Obamacare because...wait for it...they were forced to buy it (or pay a penalty), they're healthy and see no need, they're irresponsible, and lastly (and perhaps most importantly) they could give a shit. Plus, as if the aforementioned wasn't enough, there were little landmines built in like higher premiums for smoking. When a 22 year old goes for a mandated checkup and Dr. Feelgood starts in preaching healthy lifestyle stuff like you need to stop partying, start exercising and put down the _______ (fill in the blank; cigarette, joint, Jagermeister, crack-pipe, tit, dick etc. etc.) and they have to PAY for the privilege of being berated, well call me crazy but that ain't gonna fly. And have you ever tried to talk an Obamacare doc out of an oxycontin prescription? It's like pulling teeth, which unfortunately IS NOT covered under Obamacare.

So, did Ryan-Care (soon to be renamed Trump-Care by one and all) address these issues? No they did NOT. Is Grandma still gonna get her birth-control pills for nothing? Damn right! Is this pig gonna fly? You bet, right into Air Force 1 with Trump on board.

So keep listening to these guys with their "This is the best we can do right now, more to come later" bullshit. This is the best they're WILLING to do now or later. They have no desire to make Trump look good. They will do nothing, I repeat NOTHING to advance the Trump agenda. They proved time and time again they are just fine with leftist policies. They rolled over so much for Baraq Hussein Obama I lost count ages ago. They rode "we will repeal Obamacare" to majorities in BOTH houses. They have voted to repeal Obamacare several times (when it meant nothing) and now, with a Republican President, this is the SHIT we get?

If Donald Trump's presidency turns out to be a disaster, if he turns into the joke the establishment always said he was, it won't be Pelosi or Schumer who did it, it will be these two.


  1. Mitch and Paul are both machine politicians and the machine takes care of its own. Naturally none of that works in our interests in the short or long term. Draining the swamp begins with Barack but it ends with them.

  2. I have to disagree with the very last sentence. I don't think even the GOP establishment can destroy Trump. Only Trump can destroy Trump.

  3. Naw, Anita. These two will sink Trump, if Trump lets them.

    I suspect The Donald has figured this out already. He has already gotten Paul Ryan's number. We'll see, it's early.

  4. Unfortunately the play here looks to be exactly that Anita, to get Trump to self destruct. I'm surprised and disappointed he went along with this nonsense. Repeal and take a free market approach to healthcare. It's the only way. Government incentivizing this and subsidizing that is like having air an traffic controller at a bee hive. All you'll get is honey that tastes like feet wrapped in armpit.