Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kill the Rose

Ok, now that we've had a chance to learn some more about Paul Ryan's new and improved Obamacare I have to say it ain't all bad. But I still hate it. Let me tell you why.

You folks all remember Napoleon I'm sure, he was the short one with the weird hat. Real smart dude and came up with some insightful one-liners. He once said if you set out to take Vienna, then take Vienna.  What he was saying was (of course) follow through on your commitments. Not because it is necessary for the current situation, necessarily, but because that was the declared course of action... and everybody is watching.

Ryan-Care may be the greatest but it still sucks. We sent Trump to the Whitehouse and gave the Republicans majorities to REPEAL Obamacare. We need to see headlines all across the country saying "HEARTLESS REPUBLICANS REPEAL THE WONDERFUL AFFORDABLE CARE ACT". I didn't say want, I said NEED! Conservatives and ESPECIALLY leftists need to know our people will do what they say. We want Democrats to loose their minds and go ballistic over Obamacare repeal. We want them to do what they do best...lie and demagogue. We want them spouting the most outrageous claims, the most over-the-top 'dying in the streets' hyperbolic BS possible. We want them in full meltdown mode. Then, and only then should the Republicans bring new legislation forward to address the real problems in our healthcare system, preferably with a return to market based incentives. If they do, a year from now premiums will go down, deducibles will go down, coverage will increase and quality will go up. It will be plain as day who the good guys are, and we can hang it all around the progressive neck.

Again, I don't care what Ryan-Care does or doesn't do. I care about the optics, the politics. We need a big bold win for our side and a devastating loss for the Democrats. If we go all in for a "fix" then we lose a rare opportunity, and if this thing falls flat, our side owns it. If Ryan-Care doesn't do ALL the things a free and open healthcare market can and will do (and it won't) we conservatives will feel cheated and the progressives will feel vindicated. They will do to us what we did to them since 2009. So if you don't want a President Trotsky (a rose is a rose) then you better hope this thing dies a quick death. Otherwise the death will be ours.


  1. When Bubba Clinton signed welfare reform into law back in the 1990's, the brain damaged left shouted from the mountain tops of dire carnage across the lands: deaths were going to be rampant, so devastating to the poorest among us that we were going to have to stack the dead bodies of the victims of welfare reform up like cord wood. Stack and stacks of dead bums and losers, and that would be the end of the Republicans after America suffered through this mean spirited reform.

    I don't recall the stacks of dead bodies back then, but I also don't recall the liberals being called on their hyperbolic rhetoric, either.

    I suspect Chuck Schumer will predict dire, horrible things from this GOP health care reform effort, but when none of the awfulness comes to pass, his credibility will not suffer in the slightest.

    That's MY prediction of things to come.

  2. My present sense is that it will pass in the present repeal/replace three-stage format that Ryan and friends laid out. President Trump is behind it - but willing to be flexible to iron out this or that concern.

    Stage 3, making all insurance product available in all 50 States will require either 60 votes in the Senate or a nuclear option. That will reduce the price of healthcare and should ALWAYS have been the case. Healthy bribes/contributions/honorarium to Congress by insurance companies in search of monopolies kept it from happening in the past.

    President Trump is not a Republican. Never was. He's a Trumpian populist and aligns with what should have been "Republican values". Politics is a racket.

    What's the difference between a white rat and a black rat? - The same difference that you find between a Republican and a Democrat. There are degrees of difference, but they are subtle and rely on the expedience of the moment. All will sell you out for a used toothbrush, found in the garbage...or less.

  3. I think I may have missed a bet. First of all Ryan's bill will not pass. It may get past the House but unless McConnell goes nuclear, it has no chance in the Senate.
    Rush was talking about a Krauthammer comment on Bret Baier (take a breath). 'Wheels' said load the bill up in the House, everything you want the bill to be without regard to reconciliation etc. LOAD IT UP but PASS THE BILL and send it to the Senate...where it will die a very public death. THEN the Democrats will be blamed for its failure and we can sit back and watch Obamacare crash and burn. Again, all laid at the Democrats feet.
    If Ryan-care dies in the House, we own healthcare and will be blamed for not "fixing" it.
    So I say let's play politics. The Democrats can get on board or we will excoriate them in 2018.