Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dragon Tattoo Thinking?

Stellan Skarsgård "interviews" Daniel Craig
Did you ever see "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"? I did. I thought it was one of the best movies I've seen in a long while. It was one of those movies where you go to bed and you're still replaying scenes in your head. The plotting was methodical but timely, it was very well acted with incredibly interesting, well developed characters... and the story, WOW! Although extremely weird it was wholly believable (verisimilar as an old professor once said). Again, one of the best movies I've seen in years.

The reason I bring this up is there's a scene in which the killer interviews the protagonist just prior to chopping him up into little bits. He's asking why the victim willingly came into his house. He knew danger was afoot. He knew this man was likely a serial killer. He knew all this and the killer knew that he knew, but all he had to do was invite the guy in for a drink. The killer was incredulous. Why would he do it? But he relates that they all do it, so apparently the desire NOT to offend is stronger than the survival instinct. And back in the world of the real I think that's probably true, at least much of the time.

This very same behavioral phenomenon may indeed account for much of our politics. Apparently we would rather risk death than offend someone. This is the root of political correctness, of group-think, of the Orwellian corruption of the language so adroitly and astutely used by the left to control us. Rather than say Black Lives Matter is a racist organization we try to rationalize their violence. God forbid we be misunderstood and called racists ourselves. And this is just one example, I could think of a hundred more.

The point is we need to all say what we're thinking regardless of the consequences, at least with the things that matter. I refer specifically to politics. I've said some pretty outrageous things over the years and sometimes even been right. I've pissed people off and made tons of enemies. But whatever criticism one may direct my way, being reticent is not one of them. If you ask my opinion you're gonna get it. My belief is people and ideas and systems all need to be vetted. How else are we to know what is valid or not? If we are afraid then the unafraid will use that fear against us, with terrifying results. In the aforementioned film Martin understood this crack in our human defensive system, Mikael did not. He was lucky enough to live through the experience, but it's not real life, it's just a movie.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Well Well Well, What Have We Here?

What do you know, the Brits are not complete idiots after all. In all honesty I'm a bit surprised. Yes yes, I knew it was possible but I thought knowing what I do about establishment types, and more importantly what they are capable of, I was sure they'd steal this thing rather than let it succeed. But this one was a hard one to steal. Will I tell you why? No prob, here's why. If you're gonna steal an election it helps if you know who to steal it from. The way this vote played out it's was the old labor strongholds of Newcastle, Sunderland and Merseyside that were most in favor of Brexit. Imagine that, working class voters rejecting an establishment that has betrayed them at every turn.

So, does this have implications for the American election? You bet your sweet ass it does! Immigration, trade and an insular government who's only care is the care and feeding of a monied elite were the issues in Britain and are the issues in America. We've seen globalization up close and personal...and it sucks. Oh it works just fine for the few, but the few don't elect folks. We are right now in the grip of a bureaucracy that hates the middle-class, a media that doesn't respect us, an education establishment that thinks we need "fixing" and a business/investment class that thinks we're a commodity to be used and thrown out the second something better comes along. We're like a stripper, as soon as things start to sag we're shown the door or the mop bucket, but we're still expected to give management free BJs.

The establishment made a good effort though. They went to the tried and true "scare the shit out of the rubes" playbook but it just didn't work this time. Nigel Farage hit back on immigration and Boris Johnson on free markets and capitalism. Not to leave out Merkel, she did her part with long lines of twenty-something Jihadists (thanks Angela!). But the real reason for this result is the same as in America; the establishment has told too many lies too often to too many people. They have blow the one thing any good politician or political movement must have...credibility. And that my friend is why Hillary Clinton will not win our election. Plus, just like in Britain it won't be conservatives who seal her doom. No, it will be the working class slubbs she and her kind have used and abused all these many decades, the ones who have voted Democrat (Labour) all their lives. THEY will be the ones who turn on her, and I'm sure it will be just as big a surprise.

Friday, June 17, 2016

NEW FEATURE: Paranoid Fridays

Good news friends, a new weekly feature today (for my 14 readers) entitled 'Paranoid Fridays'. This will be a weekly column of unsubstantiated rumors, speculations and guesses on all things political with an emphasis as to why things are as fuqed up as they are. As you well know opinions are like arseholes and as the #1 arsehole I see no reason to let truth and logic stand in the way of a good time. So let's begin.

Today's topic is what is conservatism? The #nevertrump crowd is real fond of saying Trump isn't a conservative and by doing so imply they are (much like Obama always telling us what "we" Americans are and aren't). By not defending conservatism how do they call themselves conservative? How about giving the President MORE than he asks for in spending bills? Would that be conservative? How about this, Paul Ryan saying he would sue a President Trump? Call me crazy but if Ryan, Boehner and McConnell are conservatives then I don't understand the term.

So what's up with these people? It seems to me the primary function of our Republican leadership in today's political environment is to keep their motives hidden from the gullible fools whom they duped into voting for them in the first place. That's why someone like Renee Ellmers can go to Washington, screw the Majority Whip all the while screwing her constituency, and then in an election year go back home and campaign on BBQ and saving the unborn. The longer one can keep the con (so to speak) the longer one keeps access to all the goodies high political office brings.

So in light of this (my) reality I want to postulate a theory. I'm gonna start from the ass end so bear with me. Do you recall maybe ten, twelve years ago George Soros bragged about how he had 'bought and paid for' the Democratic Party? Well as it turned out he was right. The Democrats do nothing without Soros' say so. Ok, so that's done, the Dems are in the bag. Now what? From Soros' point of view what's the next step? Why buying the opposition of course. Why spend the kind of money he's spent without going all in?  Why allow any competition at all? The initial outlay may be high but if you own both sides you'll always be a winner. Plus it doesn't have to be all your money. There are tons of like minded hedge-fund and dot-com billionaires out there who are ready, willing and able to fund a silent coup. The point is why wouldn't they and what's to stop them? Furthermore with a little planning you wouldn't even have to have your fingerprints on the checks, just use the Chamber.

Do I have any proof of this? Hell no. But where there's smoke there's fire and we got a whole lot of smoke. No opposition party has kissed the ass of an opposing party President like the Republicans have with BHO. In fact no Congress OF THE SAME PARTY has kissed a Prez's ass like the Republicans. There are so many scandals, and I'm talking BIG scandals like Fast and Furious and the IRS targeting that are impeachable offenses, but not a thing has come of them. Tell me, how many times have you heard a Republican call for a special prosecutor? Chirp, chirp, the crickets are deafening. By golly it's like they WANT to give the guy a pass.

I just don't know, and that is the problem. But I have never in my life seen a party run interference for the opposition and then turn on it's own like today's Republicans. It's unpresidented. Something, something nefarious and wrong is going on, something they don't want us to know. Both parties are doing their level best to ruin Donald Trump and they must have a reason. These next few months could be very interesting. It's never a good idea to piss too many people off at the same time, and I just hope The Donald has a good security detail.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Smells Like Team Spirit

Last evening, after all these many years I finally attended my first formal GOP meeting (of any kind). This was a small gathering held by the county Republican Party with a few local candidates and office holders in attendance.

To be honest I've never had any desire to involve myself in party business before as I always considered them functionaries long on enthusiasm and short on brains. Plus I don't really consider myself a Republican so much as a conservative/libertarian. Unpaid party folks always struck me as all "go team go" who would work their asses off for Nero if he were on the ticket. I am certainly not that guy.

That was the way I felt going into the meeting and that was the way I felt leaving the meeting. Look, these are nice folks with good intentions. They perform a vital service for the party with little fanfare or reward. I appreciate what they do, I just don't want to do what they do. Stuffing envelopes or knocking on doors or manning a phone bank is time I could be spending productively in a sports bar somewhere, and furthermore I'm an ideas man NOT a grunt.

A quick example of the kind of groupthink I'm talking about: One of the county commissioners was talking about the need for a new jail. Apparently with the huge influx of Nuevo Leonians moving into the area illegal hat dancing has quickly gotten out of control. But just this past year the county gave a European drug multinational a HUGE incentive package the benefits of which are dubious at best. So the county is strapped for cash (what county isn't?) but they give away money they desperately need for a fistful of promises. Do you think there was a word mentioned about that? Forgetaboutit! One guy asked about borrowing the money to which the commish agreed would probably happen. I almost fell off my damn chair.

See what I mean? It's all about the team, let's pull for the team, GO TEAM! And being the loud-mouth som-bitch that I am, this is NOT the environment for me. But I ain't giving up yet. I will attend another meeting or two, if for no other reason than out of spite. You see I was thrown off their FB page for not abiding by the rules (e.g. nothing critical, only positive happy talk). The party FB page is run by what could only be described as a couple of schoolmarms who have very little patience with a guy like me (the one in attendance last evening gave me the evil eye). But that's ok, I'm a big boy. Plus I've never been thrown out of a political meeting before so I'd like that on my resume.

The point is ideas and policies and performance must be vetted and defended. That's how you separate the wheat from the chaff and THAT'S what I bring to the table. I am the critic, not the actor, the pundit, not the policy maker. I don't like people well enough to be an effective politician but I can smell bullshit a mile away. I would very much like to influence my local government as I think they make some pretty hair-brained decisions on occasion and God-damn-it, it's my money too! But with people like this at last nights meeting the vibe was all Amway presentation.

So I'll give it a couple more goes and see what happens. I'm not optimistic however. Sheep tend to herd up and protect each other and I am definitely not a sheep. I am the WOLF.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mitt is a Dipship! (but you knew that already)

Woke up bright and early this AM and lo and behold, I was outta hooch. So off to Food Lion for some Mad-Dog to get me by before the ABC Stores open. Life's a bitch, and by the way so is Mitt Romney.

On the way I'm listening to Jesse Watters on Fox/Sirius and it was totally disgusting. They were playing clips from yesterday's Romney interview with Wolf Blitzkrieg and brother-man let me tell you what, he was ragging Trump's ass down to the ground. Going on about trickle-down misogyny, racism, bigotry...blah blah blah. Heard it all before so not really a surprise. What was surprising when asked about Hillary he said that no, he couldn't vote for her due to her policies and positions. Nothing about how she turned the State Department into a cash register for the Clinton Foundation. Not a word about how she compromised our national security and endangered our soldiers, friends and allies with her NON-SECURE private server that a 14 year old in Finland could hack. No it was all about character with Trump but nary a word about Hillary's (or Bill's) character! No wonder three million stayed home! He thinks like a Democrat (Romney-care anybody?) so why bother voting?

Seriously, what could be more revealing? Trump is a racist for calling out an Hispanic judge that belongs to a racist organization dedicated to the at least partial destruction of the United States, but Trump is the racist? Where's is Romney's criticism of Japan, Mexico and most of the countries on this planet that actually try to protect their people and culture? 

The unwritten rule on American immigration has always been one comes here to assimilate, to become an American. You may be from Genova or Riga but that was then and this is now, become American or go home (and many did). But now we let in Islamists who will plainly and clearly tell us they have no desire whatsoever to adapt to the American way of life. They are Muslims first and last, now and forever. We have Central Americans who access our social safety net the minute they get here at rates of 80% and more. We have women flying in for the sole purpose of having a baby on American soil when they want nothing more than to steal from us and our society. We are the world's Walmart with no clerks or guards. If you can get through the door just take what you want and we have a political elite that will act as your guide (baby diapers? come with me I'll show you). Trump is trying to address this incredibly insane (on so, so many levels) situation but he's a racist! The world apart from Western Europe and America acts in their own best interests, and think us total fools for not acting likewise...AND RIGHTLY SO!

I've said this before and I'll say it again up to and until our GOPe friends get it: If you people screw up this election you will be cutting off your nose to spite your face. We, THE PEOPLE will never forgive you. You will never live it down. If you do indeed succeed in electing Hillary the Republican Party will never win another national election and the Republic will be for all intents and purposes dead. Your arrogance, your condescension, your misguided belief in your own infallibility will be your ruin. Personally I'm tired of trying to talk you idiots down from the ledge but unfortunately I'll go down with you. So keep on listening to Mitt Romney, and at the end of the day you will find yourself right where he is, at the corner of Loser and Bitter streets. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Eternal Bureaucrat

Do you see this bastard? This is the IRS Commish. He's a bastard. He's a lying, corrupt, arrogant bastard who thinks he is above the law. In fact he thinks he IS the law. It's very rare you see someone get in front of a Congressional committee and show their ass like he has, on several occasions. Himmler would have loved this guy, his Christian name isn't Reinhard is it? Maybe President Trump will introduce this guy to our FBOP bureaucracy.

Anyway the theme here is bureaucracy and bureaucrats and I had occasion to come in contact with our state health bureaucracy just recently. Amazingly (well not really) I could have been talking to the aforementioned bastard (did I mention he's a bastard?).

Here's the situation. A few years back we moved into our new house, an imposing estate far from the hot polloi we so detest (don't know if you've noticed but poor people smell different). But alas we were left with our old house and the dilemma of whether to rent or sell. As we were still in the shadow of the the housing crisis, caused of course by the Clinton era Community Reinvestment Act of which GWB was prevented from reforming by Barney Fwank but nevertheless received 120% of the blame for the inevitable crash thanks to our corrupt media (take a breath), we decided to rent the place. So one day I happened into Wells Fargo bank in an attempt to cash an NSF check written to me by (see above) the banking officer mentioned he was looking for a place. "It's your lucky day" I replied. So I drew up a lease and saw no need to perform a background check as the man was a BANK OFFICER! Wrong, wrong and "HOW COULD YOU BE SO FUQING STUPID!!! Turns out the guy was a total loser scumbag playing the minority card in the "you can't fire me" employment game.

Long story long he and his hoard of filth-mongers left the place in a right state. It is perhaps two notches up from your typical crack house with damage that defies belief. Some of the damage is just so bizarre and weird one asks themselves "How the fuq did they do that?". How is it possible, even if you tried, how is it possible to tear, warp, disfigure and discolor and/or generally ruin this or that even if that were your goal? What deranged mind could devise the destruction of something that for a normal person would require tremendous thought and effort when you know said individual would not put in ANY effort into anything for any purpose be it to destroy or not? It is the very definition of MINDLESS DESTRUCTION. It's a talent really if you think about it. The next country we want to take out we shouldn't even bother. Just drop in a few thousand shit-heels like this and they'll have the place ruined in no time.

So, to my point ('bout damn time Hammer, you long winded bastard!). Did somebody just call me a bastard? Never mind. So anyway, I go by the house to put in a few house of work (so far maybe 200 hrs and 10k) and there's an envelope in the door with the tenants wife's name printed on it and stamped CONFIDENTIAL. So I opened it (as you would). It was a form letter, delivered by courier from Raleigh (a mere 34 miles or an hour and a half round trip) stating that so and so needs to contact the NC Department of Public Health IMMEDIATELY due to an IMPORTANT health issue. Oh great I says. This bitch has left HIV or TB or Hep C floating around my house and I've been knee deep cleaning her filth for two weeks. So I decide the best thing to do is call the NCDPH and see what the issue may be. I call and eventually get some attitudinal asshole on the line and state my case. "Sir, I am aware you are prohibited from sharing other's health information but here is the situation (I tell him what's what). Now, the reason for my call is, and I need a yes or a no...am I at risk?" The bureaucratic piece of shit answer emphatically no, no way Jose, you are good don't worry about it. By the way, what's the name on the notice?

Do you see? The man is a creature of rules and regulation until such time of course the bureaucracy doesn't agree with said rules, in which case they are ignored with impunity. This jerk had no idea when he assured me I was not at risk when he had no idea who the subject was, what disease or condition and more importantly how easily this disease or condition could be transmitted. The guy had no time to pursue the stated goal of the bureaucracy, which is protecting public health. Why? Because that's not his goal. His goal is to draw a paycheck, expand the bureaucracy and look busy.

The broader point here is if you want America to be the great country it once was, the bureaucracy has to be brought to heel. They are servants of the people, not vise versa. Also, don't rent to scumbags!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Trump, La Raza and Why Political Correctness is DEAD!!

Oh My Lord! Did you hear? Can you believe it? Donald Trump attacked a sitting federal judge because of his race. Why it's outrageous! Charles Krauthammer bemoaned: "You can't do that in this country"...to which I say YOU CAN NOW!

Let's have a look at our impartial arbiter of justice shall we? US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel. He is a US born citizen of Mexican extraction, a fluent Spanish speaker and a proud member of the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego.

Hmmm, La Raza? Is that like a Chicano lawyer soccer league or something? No sorry, it's a racist organization dedicated to the violent (if necessary) reconquista (reconquest) of the American Southwest. Their membership runs the gamut from federal judges to politicians to gangbangers selling meth, and they ain't even bullshitting! Their motto is for the race everything, outside the race nothing. M.E.Ch.A is one of their armed and violent paramilitary offshoots currently ignored by the leftist media (too many violent, septuagenarian Tea-partiers to cover don't you know). You'll hear more about these guys and gals when they make their move, which could be soon. A few were in attendance last evening at a Trump rally and as you can see they are fond of hurling eggs (and insults) at Whitey. Thank God for camera phones otherwise the LA Times would have had the blonde throwing eggs and calling Mexkin girls PUNTA.

So Trump calls out a judge for consistently ruling against him when said judge belongs to a racist and violent organization hellbent on overthrowing the US Government, and this is deemed unacceptable? Well not anymore. Racism is racism and nobody gets a pass. Judge Gonzo should be impeached and thrown off the bench the same as any Klan member would be (and justifiably so). The days when we ignore the racism of minorities just because they are minorities ARE OVER! And we have Donald Trump to thank for it. All Hail the Donald!

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

LGBT Rights to the Rescue!

As I'm sure you are aware we are having a bit of a dust-up here in Nor-Ca-lina about some ridiculous "bathroom law" passed by a bunch of blow-in Charlotte leftists elected by semi-literate minorities and know-nothing kids. The ordinance said anyone who "identifies" as this sex or that (regardless of biology) is entitled to use facilities designated for the sex they happen to identify with at any given moment. So a 40 year old man could waltz into the ladies changing area at Belks and if challenged simply state he identifies as a female and that's it, there would be nothing anyone could do legally or otherwise.
Now, in the State of North Carolina municipal government is a creature of state government. Everything they do is at the pleasure of the State. So the Legislature passed a bill (HB2) and the Governor signed into law a measure that said no individual shall use a facility unless said individual was of the sex so designated. This means that if you have a penis you are restricted to male facilities and if you don't then vis versa. True "transgendered" individuals who have undergone reassignment surgery would use facilities for the sex they have been "reassigned" to (I know, very confusing). Now keep in mind this is for PUBLIC facilities, not private. Some Triangle software company full of Queer Nation and Bash Back members could do what they like up to and including pissing out the window (presumably) if they like.
But apparently that ain't good enough for our progressives. Their position can best be illustrated by a recent Charlotte Observer editorial in which this was all equated to the Civil Rights struggles of the 60s and furthermore it is every 10 year old girl's duty to get used to male genitalia. "This is what the Obama administration nudged the rest of the country toward Friday. Yes, the thought of male genitalia in girls’ locker rooms – and vice versa – might be distressing to some. But the battle for equality has always been in part about overcoming discomfort – with blacks sharing facilities, with gays sharing marriage – then realizing that it was not nearly so awful as some people imagined."
As you might suppose "overcoming (the) discomfort" of knowing my daughter is behind closed doors with a grown man who at best is mentally disturbed and at worst a predator requires a bit more than a "nudge". And the idea that Obama's edict was just a "nudge" is ludicrous. It's full blown Federal Government intimidation.
But for me this represents a larger point, and that point is our cowardly conservative leadership. This is a HUGE opportunity! It's really huge, you wouldn't believe how huge it is. They should jump all over this "chicks with dicks" protection ordinance. Social issues are where Dems win because there is rarely any pushback as recently illustrated by our Senators Burr and Tillis (GOPe pussies). I don't give a rat's behind how "progressive" someone thinks they are, when their 14 year old daughter is in the loo with Ted Bundy they're going to go apeshit. Catch something like that on camera and the game is over. But sit back and let the progressives control the narrative, we lose and we lose ugly. But lest we forget, North Carolina is a "purple" state. So if you think this isn't all election year politics you are a naive fool and Senator Burr (the pussy) might want to give you a job.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/editorials/article77475147.html#storylink=cpy

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Kill Switch

Hillary must be a nervous wreck! There is no question she broke the law with her private server. There is no question if Obama's Dept. of Justice chooses to pursue indictments she is ruined politically and otherwise. In fact if they decide to go all out Hillary could go to jail. There's is absolutely no debate on these facts, and the State's Department's report released yesterday may be just the first salvo. I just don't know.

So what do we know? We know Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Moo-chell all hate the Clintons like David Broder hated Nixon. We know Obama wants to remain a player in DC having just announced he will hang around a while after he leaves office (I'm just glad he's agreed to leave period). We know Obama LOVES Crazy-Joe Biden, affectionately referred to by the President as my "house caucasian". We know Obama does not trust the Clintons to carry on his legacy and suspects they will trash him (a la GWB) as soon as they gain power. We know the Clintons have tried to cut deals and make this all go away but Obama so far will not fold his hand.

This must be all very troubling for the Democrat Party, Debbie Wasserman-Shultze and every middle-aged, Krispy Kreme eating fat chick in the Western Hemisphere. Obama has his hand on the kill switch and they only thing stopping him is who will be the replacement and can they beat Trump. Obama is a "big move" kinda guy. He doesn't think small. If he can satisfy himself that #1 Hillary can't beat Trump so there's nothing to lose and #2 Old Joe has a much better shot even at this late date...well Hillary is in deep do do. So far #1 is close to being proven. Hillary is a lousy candidate and has more baggage than the Titanic. #2 all depends on Crazy-Joe. Can't wait to find out what happens.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Whoa! You Can't Do That!

I like 'Morning Joe'. Scarborough is a dick, Mika is an unreconstructed Stalinist (like her father) and Nicole Wallace is a turncoat skank, but I like them. The parade of effeminate intellectuals (one martini away as they say) and leftist newspaper hacks always give away what the Democrats are thinking, even when they lie. Well especially when they lie.
This morning it's all about Trump bringing up past peccadillos of Bill Clinton. That's what Democrats calls Bill's whoring (voluntary or involuntary) "peccadillos".

peccadillo |ˌpekəˈdilōnoun: a small, relatively unimportant offense or sin.

Pardon me all to hell but I don't put much stock in a leftist fretting about the demise of the Republican Party OR the direction of Trump's campaign. Everyone on that show this morning looked very disturbed by Trump. How can he win? He's not being "Presidential"! To which I say HALLELUJAH! Anybody who thinks the Clintons will be beat by letting them control the narrative is a fool. If this were Mitt Romney he'd be answering for every affront to gays, women, minorities (whatever and whomever) since the beginning of time, ALL THE TIME! Trump is a damn genius. He keeps the Clintons on their heels, always defending never attacking. The only question is will he be able to keep it up? Don't know, we'll see.

One thing is for certain, Hillary is no more than the coach's son and just because she got in the game doesn't mean she can play. In fact she's been a failure at every job she's had. Tell me, is our standing and security enhanced by Hillary's term at State? HELL TO THE NO! The woman couldn't run a long turd. The only reason she is where she is is because of her husband's political talent and her ruthless defense of his criminality. So there you go, that's what's she's good at; intimidation, backstabbing and behind the scenes bullying. Well she picked the wrong son-of-bitch this time because Trump is a master at this game.

You may not like Trump and at the end of the day I may not like Trump either. But one thing he is doing that sends a thrill up my leg is he's getting a little payback! He is in the process of positioning the Democrats for just what they are, users and hypocrites, and the beauty is he's using the Clintons to do it. So for the moment I'm going to set aside my reservations about The Donald and just sit back and enjoy. It just don't get any better than this!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Well, That's was a Good Start!

Wee doggie that inaugural post sure was fun! Proving once again, NOBODY can piss people off like the Hammer, friend and foe alike. So... let's keep up the momentum shall we?

In my defense I'm a little pissed too. From the Tickbite perspective it's getting a little too real with the mischief our #nevertrump friends are getting up to, so I'm going to try to cut through some of the bullshit and see where the problem lies.

If I understand the anti-Trump fanatics, their biggest gripe is The Donald is NOT a conservative. He is a marginal business man with no discernible ideology, ready to do business with anyone at anytime for anything so long as there's a buck in it for him. As proof our #nevertrumpkins say, one need only look at his shady business dealings and political contributions over the years and the evidence is overwhelming.  I, believe it or not, don't disagree. So he is not a conservative, but my question is as opposed to what? Does Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney or John Boehner represent what you call a "conservative"? That's fine if they do (we must do that "BIG TENT" thing you know) but in Hammer-World they're about as conservative as David Cameron. So complaining about Trump while championing these clowns is a little inconsistent wouldn't you say?

But hypocrisy aside, I remain more than a little suspicious as to the real objective of the #nevertrump crowd. Is it Trump they object to or is it #nevertrump, #never-tea-party and most especially #never-anybody-but-me? In my opinion this whole exercise isn't about Trump. Oh for some it may be but for the consultant class and the party insiders this is about power and who has it, and if they are threatened with an outsider they can't control then said outsider is gonna get nailed. It's plain as day. They have stated over and over they would rather Hillary than Trump. Why I ask? Simple, if Hillary wins they maintain their power and positions even though they lose the election. If Trump wins they are OUT! So if the choice is between the country or their power, well, as you can see.

The GOPe will come around. They are not fools and they know Trump could very well win without them, which would be the worst possible outcome from their point of view. So all this #nevertrump stuff with Paul Ryan's posturing is I believe just a negotiating tactic. They want one of their guys as #2 just like GHWB was foisted on Reagan.

The bottom line is this, at this stage of the game the GOPe is using the #nevertrump crowd as foot-soldiers to gain concessions from Trump. They are never NEVER-anybody if a deal can be made. Oh I'm sure they hate Trump with a passion. But they'll do business with him and ride it out and who knows? Maybe he'll turn out to be ok. The only problem is these #nevertrump folks may #never-recover. There's nothing more distasteful to a career Machiavellian politician than some naive chump who actually believes in something. A guy who can't be bought is a guy that can't be trusted. So to the extent these rabidly anti-Trump folks stick to their principles (which I admire greatly) will directly correlate to the damage they do their careers. Ain't saying it's right just saying it is.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Crazy is as Crazy Does

The old CW we so admire 

Our friend in pain
As you may know, our good friend CW has gone mad. There is something about the rise of Trump our poor Conservative Wahoo just can't come to grips with. My observation is the progression has been like many diseases, gradual but steady...and devastating. There have been no noticeable moments of clarity or introspection, just paranoia and withdrawal. It breaks my heart to think that one short year ago we had a vibrant, intellectual powerhouse always ready to discuss and debate. Now all that's left is a narrow, linear thinking automaton unwilling to even talk unless one prefaces their remarks with 'Bill Kristol said this or Ben Sasse said that'. He is a hollow shell of the man he was and I am totally dumbfounded as to the remedy. All I know is at this critical time we must show compassion and support. As Nietzsche once said (to paraphrase), be careful staring into the abyss, it might stare back into you. CW has jumped headfirst into the abyss and he alone must find his way out. I will offer all the encouragement I can but I'm not optimistic. It's hard to walk-back fighting words and CW has indulged his inner demons way too often. But regardless, I hold no grudges and I am here for my friend. When he's ready to rejoin the world of the sane, I for one will be ready to accept him.