Sunday, April 2, 2017

Random Ramblings From the Psychotic Side of Town

Care to know why Rednecks have so much trouble with New Yorkers? Here's a good example: "Where Conn's Loss Ranks" in the New York Post. The article (by some guinea bastard named Mike Vacarro) describes the UConn women's defeat by Mississississississippi State as a momentous upset in the grand pantheon of American sport (which it was, you know, if you're into lesbo b-gall). Ok fair enough. We all know the University of Connecticut "Fighting Property & Casality Insurers" have a storied history in college basketball (at least since the 90s). But this porca stronzo ranks the Giants beating the Patriots in some long forgotten Super Bowl ahead of the USA/USSR hockey match in 1980. WTF man!? A bunch of college kids beat the Red Army team that just a few weeks previous had annihilated the NHL's best, but that ranks as less an upset than professionals beating other professionals?
But the one that stuck in my craw was as usual, Villanova/Georgetown in '85. Ok, I admit, based on their previous 28 meetings the game was an upset. But it wasn't THAT big, in fact I would call it a mild upset. Look, these were league teams. They knew each other intimately. In January that year the Hoyas beat 'Nova by two points. TWO POINTS! Their later meeting GT won by seven with late free throws making it seem ON PAPER less competitive than it was. These were two veteran teams, well matched, well coached, and Villanova was due for a win. The idea this was some world shattering upset is ludicrous and only a New York WOP with his Dago nose up some Catholic school's ass would even suggest such a thing.
Any objective student of the game knows the greatest upset in the history of NCAA basketball is NC State's victory over the University of Houston. The Cougars had two future "greatest 50 NBA players of all time" with Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon. We had a future women's figure skating commentator, bus driver and failed coach. This Houston team, had they won, would be talked about in the same breath as 1975 Indiana, '68, '71 UCLA, '57 UNC and '74 NCSU. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY gave the Pack a chance, and rightfully so. I repeat, THIS game my friends is the greatest upset in NCAA tournament history, and the Villanova/Georgetown contest doesn't even come close.
Now, on to this year tournament...UNC should have lost! I know, Carolina is a better team. That's true. But Oregon played the better game. One can only imagine the outcome had they had their best player suited up. Note to Oregon: Hit your free throws and block out.
Well, as you know I was looking forward to an 'All Carolina' final. I wanted the thrill of seeing the South Carolina Gamecocks take down the mighty Tar Heels. UNC is the Evil Empire. In the State of North Carolina they control the...well they control, that's all you need to know. What other school in these United States could run a bogus department with bogus classes for 18 long years and escape with a slap on the wrist? Back in the day SMU did much less and had their football program destroyed for all time. But it is what it is, no point in crying about it. If your goal is to run a basketball factory and semi-educate a bunch of debutants, penny loafer wearing pricks and leftist freaks, UNC does it as well as anybody I guess.
How 'bout them Zags? That guard of their's Nigel Williams-Goss (the Fifth Earl of Salisbury) is a friggin' machine. I don't think Carolina's guards can handle him. Plus, that big Pole with the beard, Karnowski! My God in Heaven, what a hoss! As I've said previously, I haven't seen that much West Coast ball this year so I didn't know, but that guy can play. When I first saw him I figured (as one does) he's just this big eastern European they found somewhere who's main function is to clog up the lane. No so! This big ugly white boy can play!
So, prediction time. I think Meeks and Big Ugly will neutralize the middle. UNC's star guard Joel Berry CLAIMS to be 100% but he ain't. I've seen too much of this kid this year. He's hitting on about 3 cylinders. Jackson for UNC is a beast so I give that to the Heels. The difference is Gonzaga's freshman forward/center Zach Collins. I haven't seen a kid this young play with such poise and skill since Bill Walton. So....I predict a close one with the Zags in a squeaker. We shall see.


  1. Now that Oregon blew their chances with turnovers and not blocking out on free throws, I really don't care who wins.

    Yes, I am pouting. It is very likely that I will not even watch the final.

    And as far as women's BB goes, a half ass decent 2A high school boy's team could mop the floor with either the UConn or Mississsisssisssippi State women's team. No wonder nobody watches. Title 9, despite all of the hooplah, cannot mandate that I watch a bunch of women play a man's sport.

  2. Random thoughts on What Would Have Happened With a Hillary Presidency.

    Hillary Clinton represents everything that is wrong with American Politics!
    It may even be possible that she could be an even worse President than 0bama was. She is simply a power hungry politician beholden to no one but herself, and there is evidence that is exactly what she is, and perhaps she may even be more damaging to the country than 0bama was... (if that’s at all possible)..

    On the economic front, and the national security front, we would have seen real major problems. At the least lets take a look at what would happen with Her Thighness in office.

    We would have definitely lost our right to Free Speech.
    Pantsuits would be the Halloween custom of the day.
    Neil Gorsuch would not be on the Supreme Court. But someone like Eric Holder, or even Geraldo Rivera would be there , or even Juan Williams.

    The stock market would be would be going nowhere, and perhaps stuick at around 1500..
    Consumer confidence would be somewhere around Zero.
    Jobs would very hard to come by, unless you spoke Arabic .
    Mortgage applications for new homes would be at an all time low.
    Unemployment rate would be high and reported, or should I say mis-reported every Sunday.
    Wage growth would be stagnating, but the minimum wage would be at an all time high. people still paying too much tax.
    Energy prices would be rising, Oil would be only imported from Saudi Arabia.
    American jobs would be a thing of the past.
    Major businesses such as GM, GE, Ford , Intel and others would be in Cuba
    Illegal immigration would be skyrocketing and we'd be importing Moslems to fill jobs in Schools, and Hospitals.
    A Border Wall would be built to keep Americans In.
    Sanctuary cities would not be a question because we'd have asanctuary Country.
    James Comey would be reinstated as our FBI director.
    Major crime at the federal level would still be hidden.
    ISIS would still be in every country in the world
    We'd still be sending Billions of dollars into Iran , but on a regular basis. There’s be No tax Reform. But lots of Tax Increases.
    NAFTA would still be screwing America
    Ditto for the Paris Accord for the climate scam.
    MS-13 would be invited into the US
    Religious Freedom would be out the window.
    LGBT people would be in charge of all the Bakeries.
    Christian bakers and florists would be deported. ,
    School Children would be required to pledge allegiance to Allah.
    The VA would serve Veterans from a lottery.
    Food Stamps would replace cash, or Credit cards..
    We'd be sending Billions to shithole countries Dictators just to “Keep them in line”.
    We'd be paying for abortion for anyone in the world who asks for it. .
    Apple would change their name to Hummus.
    Gitmo would be closed and turned into a place to hold all Award shows.
    We'd be paying Norh Korea massive amounts of extortion money for them to fund their weapons programs.
    Think about That.

    On the slightly positive side, a Hillary Presidency, at least all of the White House furniture and silverware will be back in its rightful place.